About us:

Rodrigo Reyes Marin is a Mexican photojournalist based in Tokyo since 2008. In Mexico, he worked for print and electronic media. After coming to Japan in 2011, he started collaborating with photo agencies in Japan and abroad, such as AFLO, ZUMA Press, etc.

Published book: Mexicans in Toronto The History of Immigrants, Publishing House Endira (2011), Mexico, (Spanish book).

Photography exhibitions:

“México in Tokio 2020" is a virtual gallery of the Embassy of Mexico to Japan, 2021.

Exhibition "Arena México, 80 Years of Lucha Libre,” gallery Rejas de Chapultepec, organized by the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), 2014.

"The Lucha Libre in Japan" Japan Space, Embassy of Japan in Mexico, 2012.

"The Lucha Libre in Japan" Centro Cultural Carmen Aristegui, México, 2012.

Nahomi Moriyama is a Graphic Designer specializing in photo retouching with 25 years of experience. She was born to Japanese parents in Uruguay, and thanks to a JICA scholarship (at age 22), she moved to Japan, where she studied graphic design in Hokkaido. Nahomi is an Ikebana teacher, and thanks to her previous experience in painting, she learned and practiced catrina makeup for five years, to later undertake -together with Rodrigo- the photographic project: The Catrinas of Japan. Nahomi works for a jewelry company as a professional retoucher.

R&N Photography

It arises from the joint work between the photojournalist Rodrigo Reyes Marin and the graphic designer Nahomi Anno Moriyama in 2021, whose annual project is: The Catrinas of Japan.

Las Catrinas de Japón virtual gallery of the Embassy of Mexico to Japan, 2021.